Archive 2010 and small history of Iko Tattoo Machine

Archive 2010

One of my (re) discoveries during my big storage of the workshop during the first lockdown.

I got my hands on several magazines, including this Bodyfication, which gave us a nice article in May 2010. I take this opportunity to give you a little historical summary of my career.

My wife still had Northstar at that time (which was bought out by Barber DTS), and Renald (for those who knew him) was still with me at the shop.
I don't know exactly what the article contains, I don't understand Swedish or Danish... but it seems to me that it was a parallel between life as a couple: he builds - she owns a supply box.

It takes me back to very good memories: the conventions, the Tattoo 21 Forum, the books, the seminars, the trips, the meetings with builders from all over the world, all the hours of research and development on developing the ideal machine with Patrick... In short, it was total immersion in the world of tattoo machines and tattoos.

In summary :

Apprentice tattoo artist in 1995, I had to tweak some old machines from my trainer Dan to be able to have my first gear. At that time there was no internet and we could count only 3 or 4 Tattoo Suppliers in Europe and barely more in the US. And placing an order remotely from one of these suppliers was a hassle.
So I started the tattoo and the rebuild at the same time. Then very quickly I moved on to the first manufacturing tests. In 1998 I made it all official by offering French tattoo artists my creations, then in 2001 I was on the internet and quite quickly with clients from all over Europe.
A few nudges and meetings across the Atlantic allowed me to develop a good network and a new clientele in the US and Canada.
In 2008 the Chamber of Trades and Crafts of the Hérault (finally) validates my activity as a craftsman: manufacture, restoration and repair of tattoo machines.
Here is how, in a VERY SUMMARIZED way, I took my first steps as a builder. And to be completely honest, I very quickly understood that my way was more in my machine workshop than in a shop to support the desires, whims and other psychotherapy of customers!

On the Northstar side , after starting in 2001 on a small scale and only on the net, my wife created Northstar France in 2007 and opened her showroom and offices in a large 300m2 room in the industrial zone at the entrance to Lodève. , near Montpellier. A crazy adventure in which I participated a lot. After a few years of pure happiness, sanitary challenges with tattoo inks among others, and rapid growth she makes the decision to sell to Baber DTS (UK) where you can still find the most wonderful person who worked with us at era and who largely participated in the rise of Northstar: Pearl! Those who know her know very well what I'm talking about ;)

We have since changed eras, but the passion is still there, my clients too, and that in my eyes is worth all the gold in the world.

Here, you know a little more about me and my background (if you really give a damn!)
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