Flea Market Tattoo

It's been a long time since I wanted to work on this project, now it's done. This flea market represents the bric-a-brac that I would have dreamed of finding when I started tattooing in the 90s. A place where you can find old machines, trad books, the sticker of one of the oldest shops in London, the very first catalog of Spaulding & Rogers, original flashes of Ed Hardy... in short, a collector's paradise .

So I decided to offer tattoo history lovers this place. The people who have already come to my workshop know it, here it is a real "tattoo related" cabinet of curiosities. They are everywhere, even in the smallest corner, at the bottom of a box or a drawer.

On the site, there is a small selection that I update from time to time, but if the opportunity arises, it is on site that you have to come. I will never be able to put everything online! Especially since I still receive them regularly. E
Again recently a package sent by a friend from Australia full of old machine frames and spare parts from a local builder...a treasure for me.

So if you feel like it, don't hesitate to come see me at the workshop, I'll show you a bit of everything. Just remember to contact me before to make sure I have time to receive you as it should.

Wait for it go take a look at what I put online: Brocante Tattoo

Used tattoo machines

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