Tattoo Machines Maintenance & Adjustment Booklets are available

While waiting for the release of the book "Basics of adjustment: The 5 things to know" which should be finished in the coming weeks, I decided to publish this notebook.

This little notebook has been used as a basis for training for the past few months. Originally, it was made up of photocopied sheets that I give as support during the training.

And on a stroke of inspiration (it happens to me) I assumed that it could also interest tattoo artists who do not do my internships. It must be believed that the idea was not bad, since its launch on Amazon a few days ago the reception has been rather favorable.

So what do we find in this unpretentious little notebook?

Simply the minimum, in my opinion, for serious reel machine tracking:

Six technical sheets to fill in for each of your machines where you can write down all the parameters and technical data. Then you might ask yourself why do that? Which is a very good question! Quite simply to have all the elements at hand to fall back on the top adjustment of your favorite liner the day the spring has decided to break, for example. You change it by being able to fall back to exactly the same setting (travel, length, thickness, angle, speed...). It's much more reliable than doing it randomly! And it's also very practical when you buy a new machine and you want to find your feelings there to be comfortable when you work.

There is a section on the maintenance of the machines, and there I can honestly say that in some cases I see crazy things that kill the machines; like a good shot of Anios spray on the machine at the end of the session... In short, I preferred to take stock of the above.

And finally some tips which are a synthesis of the questions that I am asked most often.

So if you're a coil killer and you know everything from A to Z, don't buy this notebook, it won't be of much use to you. On the other hand, if you think you still have a few things to learn about the good old reel machine, you should find a lot of very useful little information there.

If you finally want to get one, they are available here on the site, or you can also order them on Amazon: and benefit from free shipping.

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