Rebuild: Ben's Micky Sharpz Telephone Dial

Ben, tattoo artist in Belgium told me:

"I bought this machine about 35 years ago from Micky himself. I've been in the tattoo business for 40 years, never in my entire career have I bought anything but quality machines. Mostly Micky Sharpz"

This Telephone Dial is a real collector's item, it's an honor for me to work on a machine from the mid-80s that has done tons of tattoos. Just imagining the number of people she has inked is quite unsettling. So I put a lot of passion into this restoration which means a lot to me. It is a part of the history of tattooing which is crystallized in this machine.

For connoisseurs at first glance it is clear that this frame is one of the oldest that Micky Sharpz has produced. Any collector will not be mistaken. So I had to keep its authenticity and its retro side. A big job of restoring the frame, the tightening of the tube to be redone and the rear table to be straightened. I gave a vintage "iron" look to this old frame which had to have the presence of its age. All other items are new.

The winding is an 8 layer on the medium diameter as Micky did at the time. I opted for this formula so that Ben regains the feeling of his original tattoo machine. Mission accomplished, according to the latest news, he is delighted with the purr and the efficiency of his collector.

It's this kind of restoration that helps me keep my passion for Rebuild intact.

A big thank you to Ben for entrusting me with work!

Do not hesitate to contact me for the restoration of your machines, especially if they are collectors ;) Rebuild Micky Sharpz Telephone Dial from the 80s

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