Tattoo Machine Anatomy

Many of you ask me, it's done!

Nomenclature of the main parts and parts of a Tattoo Machine in order to know what we are talking about. I have given you the terms also in English because they are often used in the industry.

A print version will be given to people who come for training at the workshop. It will serve as an educational support for the assembly phases and the manufacturing or rebuilding accompanied.

This sheet was made on the basis of my Buddy which has a rear post made with 2 spacers . Many machines only have one and the clip cord in this case is plugged under the rear table instead of the top spacer (which acts as a mass on the frame)

As explained in the "Tattoo Machine Maintenance" video in the previous blog post, the positive (red) of the clip cord plugs into the bottom, and the ground (black) into the top spacer (or under the table rear for machines with a single bollard)

Do not hesitate to ask us for this file to receive it in high definition, simply register on the site and then send us the request . Once your registration has been validated, we will send it to your email address.

As soon as we have time, we will make a video to clarify all the details of this sheet and the important aspects of certain parts and components.

Let us know if these kinds of things are useful to you, it will encourage us to offer you more content.

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