Tattoo machine: order and customization

What I have always liked about the tattoo machine is the attitude of the tattoo artist when he uses a "tool" of which he is proud. In convention, for example, it's obvious, that little smile on some people's faces, that "so proud" air, that "you've seen my fucking machine!" a bit like when you take out your beautiful American car from the sixties or your superb HD. Well ok, I'm extrapolating a little huh, but there is that.

And as for our cars or our motorcycles, if in addition we stand out with a nice preparation, a custom of phew, or even a crazy painting with a Pinstriping that kills, well there we are on the job!

I love customizing tattoo machines, I love making personalized dermos that somewhat reflect the spirit or the lifestyle of the artist for whom they are made. And I like that the tattoo artist who works with, likes his machine and is proud that it is not identical to others.

In my opinion, the common point of all is to feel different.

So yes I sometimes have a little stock, especially if I launch a new series like my DotWork machine, or used bikes, but please, if you want to work with my gear, don't Don't hesitate to ask me for a little character with your orders! ;)

“In my opinion, the common point of everyone is to feel different from others.” *counter brief

Show me your #tattooMachines I'll tell you who you are.

From Iko with love

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