Your designs on your custom spools

You can request customization of your spools when ordering a custom machine.
Your drawings, your logo or the photo of your mother-in-law... everything is possible or almost.
Here is a basis to prepare your files before sending them to me.
Hand drawn, created in Photoshop or Procreate, let loose and send me your designs.
How does it work to order a custom machine?
It's pretty simple; the most practical solution is to contact me by e-mail or direct message on the networks to place an order for a custom tattoo machine. We will talk together about the model of the machine, the desired settings and the finish in terms of the look. I draw up an estimate and if everything is ok, it's gone.
And there we approach the cover of the reels: you have the choice in different fictions from the simplest to the most flashy!
Or you have the possibility to create the visual of your choice.
This also applies when you send me your machines for restoration.
So no more excuses to have a tattoo machine that looks like you!

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